The practice of Hoshin is based upon the concept that within the cultural code of this Japanese healing art which uses the medicines of the Honey Bee, lies a great power to heal and to unfold health.

Hoshindo evolved from the historical and cultural exchanges between China and Japan which began during the Tang and Sung Dynasties.

Hoshindo is a Japanese word composed of several ideograms.
   Ho indicates the law or method
   Shin denotes the core, the heart and spirit
   Shindo describes the science of bee vibration
   HoShin is the vibrating stinger of the honey bee
   Do is the way or the path
   Hoshindo, the Way of the Bee

The Practitioner follows this Path, becoming a Keeper and Guardian of the Bees and the dispenser of a unique method of therapeutic healing with the medicines and foods of the tiny Honey Bee.