Hoshindo and LYME DISEASE










First of all, I would suggest that if you have not read “Biography of a Germ” by Arno Karlen, you should do so now. Get to know your 'resident spirochete', the invasive bacteria from the infected tick or other vectors. (These microbes have been with us for millions of years during our evolution.)

      As host, you probably already know that the Lyme spirochete (Bb) is pleomorphic, meaning it can change form to round cell wall deficient forms and back to a spirochete again. This type of organism does not have a fixed exterior membrane that your immune system or drugs could target and attack.

       Because the spirochete is pleomorphic and because bacteria share genetic information with each other, each new generation can resist the newest antibiotic in a matter of time. The L-form may morph into a virus, fungi or yeast. This is one of the reasons why the conventional antibiotic treatments may not be as effective in the long term.

       It now appears that Lyme is also transmitted by other insects which are vectors for these microbes. These insects thrive in warmth so it appears that the global warming we are experiencing is pushing fleas, horse flies, mosquitoes and mites right into our lives. This is also how horses and dogs can become infected with Lyme.

       I used to worry about cerebral malaria when I spent long sojourns in Africa, and always traveled with a mosquito net to sleep under and I also used repellents. It’s not this simple with a tick you can’t see and a spirochete that can propel through tissue as easily as through blood vessel walls. It is the ultimate shapeshifter.

       Studies show that often within seven days after being infected, the Lyme spirochete can take up residence inside your tendons, muscles, brain and heart.


Hoshin is a key protocol of any treatment for Lyme Disease because it includes the essence of Bee Medicines: Bee Venom, Royal Jelly, Propolis, Bee Pollen, Honey, and Beeswax.

      In addition, herbal extracts, homeopathics, enzymes, therapeutic-grade essential oils, flower hydrosols and L-glutathione are combined to create an ongoing Hoshin regimen needed for the effective treatment of Babesia, Mycoplasma pneumoniae,and B. burgdorferi, among the list of co-culprits causing Lyme Disease.

       The Hoshin Protocol can be used for Lyme along with antibiotics if antibiotic therapy is tolerated or is required. If antibiotics have not worked or no longer work for you or you do not wish to use them, then the Hoshindo Lyme protocol will serve as the base for a full treatment designed for each unique individual.

       Lyme disease is characterized by cyclic rhythms and sudden returns of the symptoms over a period of time. The experience of Lyme patients using the Hoshin Protocol has shown that within 18 to 36 months there is often a return to a more normal lifestyle recovery. In many cases with the use of Hoshin treatments there is a positive change and shift of symptoms toward health within several months.

       In order to break up the cyst wall (biofilm over the dormant B. burgdorferi) and breech enough of the biofilm to permit the host’s immune defenses to identify, target and vanquish the spirochete invasion, Hoshin uses its three proprietary Propolis formulas, as well as Royal Jelly, Bee Venom, Honey and Bee Pollen. Propolis is a resin the honeybee gathers from various trees, buds, barks and mycelium, combining it with their own enzymes and beeswax, creating a unique support for our microbiome, which has been severely compromised by the lyme spirochete and toxic overload.

          Bacteria communicate the same way our cells do, through moving patterns of charges, called redox signaling. Hoshin also uses supplements such as RESTORE, containing aqueous humic substances in purified water.  It is a lignite extraction from pristine ancient soils tested for purity in compliance with California Proposition 65 (free of all heavy metals) and found to be effective in supporting the integrity of intestinal walls.

          Tight junctions in the gut are the special protein strands that weave our cells together into a protective membrane barrier. We are now constantly bombarded by pesticides, neurotoxins and glyphosate found in our foods, air , soil, and water. It has now become public knowledge that glyphosate is breeching the junctions in the membrane barrier, which is why we include RESTORE and SunChlorella Wakasa in combination with all our Hoshin Bee medicines in the Hoshin Protocols.

     To better understand the unique properties of bee venom and why it has been so successful in the Hoshin Protocol, a list of Bee Venom compounds are explained on the following page.

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