Give your body the nutrients needed to function and the body will respond in a positive manner. Hoshindo is the first line of defense with Bee Venom and WingTouch Remedies® such as Propolis (a natural stealth-antibiotic with no side effects), Royal Jelly and other medicines and foods of the bees.

       In addition to the Medicines of the Honey Bee, your Hoshin Ryoho (Practitioner) will work with you to cleanse the lymph and blood  and improve the liver function since it is the primary detoxifying organ.   

          The use of organic botanicals, flower essences, homeopathics, therapeutic-grade essential oils, and minerals to serve as antibacterials, antifungals, antivirals, and antimicrobials are crucial in your healing process.
The list is long with numerous options from the use of teasel root to Japanese knotweed, milk thistle, yarrow, and cat’s claw. Nutritional changes are crucial as well as meditation and physical movement activities ranging from Qi Gong to walking, running, swimming or yoga, based on your present health.       

       Every Lyme case is different. At the Hoshindo Healing Arts Institute we work with you to create an individualized HoShin Treatment Plan. The Protocol we've outlined here is a beginning guide to Healing Lyme. There is so much more to know about Lyme and Chronic Lyme Syndrome. We combine the best of Eastern and Western Medicine – the ancient and the modern cutting edge.

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